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Canine Ultrasound & Progesterone Testing

Fertility Services you can Trust

We offer canine ultrasound scanning from our private salon, to determine if your female is in whelp.We can scan from 28 to 35 days from mating for best results.We are level 1 and 2 trained, by Vet Image Solutions.We are fully insured and use top of the range ultrasound equipment.
Canine Progesterone testing 🐾
❤ Determine the optimum breeding time with Progesterone blood testing.The test will accurately measure the hormone (Progesterone) level in the blood.
💉Blood to be taken by a veterinary professional and either hand delivered or posted to us.
📢 Samples processed 365 days a year.
Text, email, or Facebook message us and arrange to drop your blood sample off, where Cash is the prefered payment.
We also offer Microchipping and we are fully trained by Peddymark.

Canine Ultrasound & Progesterone Testing: About
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